In a world where retail display execution remains 50/50, Samsung reaped 10x ROI from rewarding retailer stores for displaying their new flagship Galaxy phone correctly and within 96 hours.  All success took?  Free lunch for store staff.

  • 80% of the carrier stores sent visual proof of displays, providing far more visibility than via typical store checks
  • Inspired accuracy to planogram without corrections well above retail average
  • Then improved overall accuracy by another 44% with real-time monitoring and communicating corrections
  • The pilot program proved to be fast and easy, with no technical issues reported, no training, and an average time in web app less than 30 seconds
  • Both retailer and Samsung found value in comprehensive insights and have executed several more programs, adding features like optimized mobile instructions and surveys to gain incremental value

Samsung mobile counts on carrier retailers to support the sale of new devices by installing promo displays. Launch periods are time-sensitive selling windows, with retail presence driving the majority of the volume.

COVID protocols forced Samsung to engage stores remotely to ensure execution vs relying on field sales. The POPTrak team saw an opportunity for Samsung to measure execution on a macro level instead of the typical random audits, which are expensive, time-consuming, and based on a small % of stores. And create results by incenting their retailer customer instead of demanding compliance.